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by Amy S. Kaufman and Paul B. Sturtevant

People have used the Middle Ages to support hate for centuries. But their ideas about the past have little to do with reality. In The Devil’s Historians, Amy S. Kaufman and Paul B. Sturtevant expose and debunk the ways in which racists, sexists, nationalists, and more have used the Middle Ages to promote their hateful agendas. 

About Paul Sturtevant

Paul B. Sturtevant, Ph.D. is an expert in how the public understands the Middle Ages, and how to communicate medieval history to the public.

Paul’s passion is in revealing the actual Middle Ages — not one soaked in the nostalgic fantasy or the grimdark nightmares we are accustomed to. The Middle Ages Dr. Sturtevant shows  us is a place much more surprising, weirder, funnier, and ultimately more relatable than what you’ve likely been taught. Believe it or not, medieval people were a lot more like us than you’ve probably been told.

Dr. Sturtevant has authored author of books, op-eds and essays. He has hosted and guested on podcasts, and have been featured on a BBC documentary. And he delivers talks and workshops for the public and in universities. 

He is deeply passionate about reaching people, understanding them, and opening their eyes to something new about something very old.

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