TV, Video, and Podcast Appearances

TV, Video, and Podcast Appearances

Because of Dr. Sturtevant’s expertise in presenting history to the public, coupled with his experience on the stage, he has appeared on several TV documentaries and podcasts. He is always interested in doing more; if you are looking for a compelling podcast guest or a dynamic TV presenter, get in touch.

TV Appearances

The Beauty of Books, a BBC4 TV documentary featuring Paul B. Sturtevant.

The Beauty of Books

In 2011, I appeared in two episodes of a BBC4 (UK) documentary, The Beauty of Books. The series featured some of the most spectacular works held in the British Library.

One episode was on “Ancient Bibles” (though, to be fair, only one of them was actually “ancient”) where I discussed the creation of the twelfth century gigantic Winchester Bible. The other episode was on “Medieval Masterpieces” where I discussed the cultural context behind the Luttrell Psalter, like how the book reflects ideas of Chivalry and the horrifying 14th century in which it was written.

Podcast Appearances

My interview centered around the final episodes of Game of Thrones, but wandered into wonderful territory talking about many aspects of the popular (mis)perceptions of medieval history. My section begins at 41:20.

This was a great interview all about the ways in which Dungeons and Dragons and other roleplaying games reproduce outdated sexist and racist ideas, and what we, as a culture, can do to imagine fantasy worlds that are not built upon those toxic foundations.

This interview revolved around contemporary perceptions of the idea of chivalry, and the ways in which our idea of “chivalry” is not so medieval as we’d like to think. The question is whether “chivalry” has any value; whether it can be seen outside of a deeply sexist context or not.

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